Founded in July, 2009, Nuestro Queso, LLC is a growing and award-winning Chicago premium manufacturer of branded, co-packed and private label Hispanic dairy products. We manufacture and market an extensive line of fresh premium Hispanic cheeses, creams and drinkable yogurts. Literally translated to “Our Cheese,” Nuestro Queso our manufacturing facility is in Kent, Illinois, which ensures that our products arrive to Chicago-land independent grocers at the peak of freshness.

“Five years ago, the economy was in a slump but we recognized a market for high-quality Hispanic cheeses” said Mark Braun, CEO at Nuestro Queso.

We bought a building in Kent that had been used for cheese-making since the 1940s. It was empty when they took possession of it, we had to outfit it with cheese-making equipment, including pasteurizers, vats, tables, forms, tunnels, shredders and packaging machinery. This year we completed a warehouse addition; the space can be converted to a production area as the company grows.

Since 2011, our cheeses have won 15 medals at the most prestigious cheese competitions in the industry for their freshness, quality, and great taste.

Our Nuestro Queso® Oaxaca received the Gold Medal and was declared “Best Hispanic Melting Cheese” at the 2015 U.S. Championship Cheese Contest & 2014 American Cheese Society Competition. In 2013, our Queso Fresco received the Gold Medal from the U.S. Championship Cheese Contest in the Queso Fresco category.

The company name means “Our Cheese” in Spanish. The Hispanic culture is prevalent in every Nuestro Queso® product, from the work of the Hispanic cheesemakers to the sales and distribution by Hispanic salesmen, managers, and drivers. Our products are produced by many Hispanic workers for those who love Hispanic dairy products, so our name is fitting.



We are passionate about making the best quality and freshest Hispanic cheese, creams and yogurts for those who love Hispanic dairy products.



To be the #1 manufacturer and most trusted supplier of Hispanic dairy products in the US; being present in every household and channel.



Nuestro Queso® has significant distribution and shelf space in the Midwest, South and the NY/NJ area.



  • Independent Retail (Hispanic market)
  • Grocery Chains (mainstream)
  • Mass Merchandisers
  • Club
  • Co-packing/Private Label
  • Institutional & Food Service