Food Service


The demand for Hispanic cheese, creams and yogurts has never been greater. The market for Hispanic foods and beverages is expected to grow 31% to $10.7 billion by 2017.

Hispanic food spending at retail grew 80%+ over the past decade (2X the growth rate of overall consumers). Mainstream consumers are adopting Latino purchasing habits, beliefs and attitudes

As they adopt Hispanic foods they’ll adopt Hispanic cheeses, creams and yogurts. Restaurants of all kinds are adding Hispanic dishes to the menu and these dishes require high quality Hispanic cheeses and creams. That is where we come in…

Highest Quality

Nuestro Queso offers you the best cheeses and creams for the best price. Our wide array of Mexican, Caribbean and Central American cheeses have won numerous medals for their superior quality and taste.

Superior Melting

Our Quesadilla (Para Fundir) and Oaxaca cheeses have been recognized as the best melting Hispanic cheeses in the nation by American Cheese Society and the US Cheese Championship winning a number of gold medals. Both of these cheeses melt very nicely forming delicious long strings when pulled. When heated they do not run all over the place and unlike common U.S. cheeses like cheddar, they do not separate into oil and solids making them the less greasy ideal melting cheeses.

Great Presentation

People fall in love with their food with their eyes before they even taste it. That is why great food presentation that looks fresh and delicious is so important. Our cheeses and creams look as fresh and delicious as they taste so you can proudly display them in your dishes.



Consistent Performance

Our cheeses, creams and yogurts will perform with the highest quality every time because they are always made with the best milk and with the most authentic recipes. So you can rest assured that our products will always perform so that you don’t have to worry about it.